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1st gig on neverland

this is made to you especially πŸ™‚ another silly things of mine that is just too good to be missed πŸ˜› as you know that i’ve lookin for another part time since like forever (6 months ago perhaps, being rejected many times here and there) though the one i have right now is already “hardcore” enough (as you might say).

so it was my first day in that bread slash cake shop. it’s an extraordinary shop for an ordinary me πŸ˜› woke up at 2 (am dear, and yes, i did that supermarket thing too the night before) start panicking and nervous, and scared of my first day there. gotta be ready for the “gig” at 4 (am). a friend texted me:

“take it easy on your first day, remember, panic is like a rockin chair, it won’t take you anywhere”

felt better . . .Β  much better πŸ™‚ so, after a lil pray and a lot of chocolate, ride my kumbi (the one and only loyal beloved blue bicycle) at around 3:40. it was freezin cold yet a bright stary sky on the way there. arrived safe and sound, got change, and transformed into a silly kinda chef in uniform πŸ˜› entering the kitchen, and thank God it was warm inside. there were like aorund 15 people there already. the smell of flour (does flour actually smells?), eggs, butter, baked bread. what’s not to love?

well, these are not to love:
– my butt slightly bumps a pile of huge yellow plastix boxes, makin’ unpleasent noise, and mess in the kitchen. great start!

– i was like the slowest learner newbie there

– got a “sweet” warning from supervisor coz i forgot to take off my tiny lil almost unseen ear pierce

– gotta memorize 3 unreadable freakin’ long sentences of so called “management philosophy aka ideology”

– on saturday and sunday it would be bloody busy. like almost crying, nose bleeding, and begging to quit kinda busy they said. perfect way of dyin’!

– waking up at 3 in the very early morning (or is it a very late night still?) is hell struggle from now on. oh yeah, i stupidly consciously choose that path (think i need to drink more perhaps :P)

but the good things are not less too:
– a bread shop with izakaya atmosphere (live and loud)

– the store manager is oh so yess. well, how shouldΒ  i describe . . . tanned skined but not that tall, strict (and i’m sure straight) but warm hearted, young but so wise, yin and yang combination in one package

– my direct senior – a pretty (even in mask) girl, so good in makin’ bread thingy, younger than me, and very patientΒ  (as only very few people who can handle me). hashimoto san! will remember the things she teached and how to write her kanji name πŸ˜›

– team mates are mostly on their 20ies (young, loud, energetic, yet not that wild)

– during break you can eat certain breads available as much as your heart and stomach desire

– got a discount when buyin’ bread there

– making bread! how cool is that?! well, for me . . . it is cool πŸ˜›

– they trust me to be part of their team (an honor)

i know it’s goin’ to be really really tough. but i’ll give myself a try for a couple of moment πŸ™‚ don’t give a damnΒ  ifΒ  i get fired (for being too slow) nor couldn’t be a bread pro or whatever you call it, but i do hope i make a lot of friends there πŸ™‚ real friends i hope more.

oh, forgot to tell you the name of the shop. it’s the hand made bakery PEATERPAN (yes, with that spelling! and pronounce as pee-taa-pun ). see for yourself πŸ™‚

the neverland

come on sunday! it’s the grand opening. you might get some freebies there and get the rare chance to see me makin’ mess and doin’ silly things there ^^v


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dedicating another silly story of mine for my badly missed people. so, i’ve always been wanting to try to climb this mountain since . . . last month *well, last year actually* πŸ˜› it’s that legendary top icon of Japan. Japan’s highest and most prominent mountain: FUJI-SAN aka MOUNT FUJI. thought to do it 2 weeks ago, but for some reasons i had to cancel it. got unexpected climbing invitation from a friend, and excitedly accepted it.

borrowed so many climbing stuffs from friends (well, i did contribute something for myself: tiny lil guts :P) and ready to beat that mountain. so, it was the four of us. me, my friend, and another two friends. off from shizuoka around 3 am by car. the mountain is divided into ten stations with the first station at the foot of the mountain and the tenth station being the summit. well, the plan was to put the car at 5th station, from where most people start their ascent. however, due to this catastrophic traffic (soo many cars were lining up to 5th station). we put the car in around 7km before 5th station. let’s picture this:

– my friend: a super sporty girl, regularly exercises in the gym

– another two friends: active young guys, holding records of 5 times climbing FUJI-SAN (it was their 6th times!)

– me: last sport i did was fencing, on my college years, 1st year! almost like 10 years ago

see how extensive the physical condition contrast among us? so, i was thinking: great, maybe i can only make it till 5th station. or even faint at the 4th station. so, we start walking to 5th sation. somehow, we made it *we = me included* took a short break. we could see the peak and seemed near and reacheable, but hey, we could also see the sun and it’s not near at all. remembering my motivation to reach the peak: to give birthday greeting for a dear friend andΒ  . . . well i just wanna know how it looks like up there.

so, took a pee (toilet still free at 5th station :P), put lotsa 50 spf sunblock, hat, gloves, sunglass, and continuing mission. it was a bright sunny day, hot like hell, but scenery along the way up was clearely viewed. soo many people were there. kids, elderly, hot hunks self-climbers (what a waste, need a companion, handsome? huahahahaha :D), some also climbs in style!

– 6th station: saw some vending machine there. drink like crazy. ankle hurts

– 7th station: okay, that’s it! enough is enough! until . . . i saw this old lady (around 70 years old or older perhaps), alone, going down, passed me by. fine! i’ll try a bit more

– 8th station: okay, i definitely will stop now. altitude sickness is on. inhaling oxygen-in-a-can like crazy. doesn’t seem really workin’ though. shoot! until . . . i saw this cute lil girl (around at her 1st year elementary) climbing up, laughing and looks happy. fine! i’ll try a tiny little bit more

– 9th station: ankle numb, dying, crying outloud inside . . . but it’s one more station to go

– 9.5th station: uncle f*cker! NINE and HALF?! what’s with the HALF?! continue climbing while swearing by heart

– 10 station: alive and speechless . . . can’t think of any

and just when i thought it’s really really the peak, a guy told us that the real peak is “right there” around 30 minutes to go. uwhaaaat?! it’s not the real peak. why on earth is *** ooh, tooo tired to swear even by heart.

well, i went there okay! the real peak of the peak. aaaand . . . the view was so breathtaking πŸ™‚ it is rewarding.

but it was not over yet of course. i had to go down. noooooo! lookin’ around if there’s an airplane or helicopter that’ll give me a ride? or para glide renting, perhaps? pretend dying so that some (brave-good looking) paramedic team will come and rescue me (like in my snowbutt experience case)? or should i dig my own grave and burried my self there? or just jumped out in that beautifull blue sky? well, since if i die i couldn’t share this story to you, i gotta stay alive a little longer ^^v

miracle do happen. arrived alive at where we started. reached home at 9 pm. took a shower, eat wildly like a camel (i don’t care if camel’s not a wild animal, allright). and sleep by holding severe pain all over my body and soul.

i never thought i made it. woke up early on the next day, pinched my feet, and scream cos it still freaking hurts, and realized that it is not a dream. it’s officially become one of my lifelong memories πŸ™‚

as the Japanese say, a wise man climbs Fuji once, and a fool twice. well, since i am fool enough, we’ll see will i do it again next year πŸ˜›

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got a sudden voice from the heart call to go visiting a long-time-no-see friend. one of a special one πŸ™‚ failed to go by cheap ticket train, end up taking a night bus. so with strong will and guts, heading alone to the land where great foods lies \^o^/

departing on 10 pm, stop once somewhere, sleepless (worried will self silliness syndrome attack on current trip), and arrived at early morning at train station of Osaka πŸ˜€ first step on one of my dreamland. take a deep breath, and shout out loud: “WHOOO, HOOOO, OOOOSAKAAAAA \^o^/” . . . by heart, and self smiling (with teeth shown for sure), ignoring people who gave me a “who’s dat self-smilin weirdo?” kinda look, while walking on my way to take train to Tennoji Station where my friend lives.

slight old city view from the train’s window, heard Osaka people talking with their famous slang, think that they’re “warmer” than those Tokyo’s. unbelievably didn’t get lost, arrived at Tennoji Station. glad to finally meet the long-time-no-see friend.

a bit story bout Osaka back then (steal from wiki):

“Osaka was, for a long time, Japan’s most important[13]Β  economic center, with a large percentage of the population belonging to the merchant class (see Four divisions of society). Over the course of the Edo period (1603–1867), Osaka grew into one of Japan’s major cities and returned to its ancient role as a lively and important port. Its popular culture[14]Β  was closely related to ukiyo-eΒ  depictions of life in Edo. Developing in parallel with the urban culture of Kyoto and Edo, Osaka likewise featured bunraku and grand kabukiΒ  productions, pleasure quarters, and a lively artistic community.”

and so the trip begins . . . thank God for the nice weather. walked around the famous street, saw things, and took random pictures (this time i used fully charged camera, not mine :P). next impression of the city: noisier, dirtier, messier, louder of Japan that i knew so far. it’s not like Japan! which is cool! i love the city! people are warm, buildings are vintage, performers are averywhere. it’s like what people say: Tokyo’s opposite version
! not to forgot to mention the food. rocks! “managed” to eat these things till drop: kushikatsu, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, taiyaki, manju, couple of bread, and more ;P

definitely a recommended place for a journey exploration. dying to see more of Osaka someday πŸ™‚ wanna tell more but got things to do.

heart the place, heart the trip, and heart the partner. perfect partner makes a journey perfect \^o^/ till we meet again! OOKINI!

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so, there’s always the first time. and this is the story of my first snow. that day . . . this “historical” thing happened. went to a place named hakuba in nagano. dying excited to experience my very first snow. took a bus, wellΒ  a tour bus. saw the snow already along the way, and it was breathtakingly beautiful (snow felled quite heavy on previous night). better view than i’ve ever imagined.

after 5 hours endless waiting, finally arrived on this ski and snowboard “playground”. mindless yet bravely confidence to choose snowboarding. rent the clothes, shoes, board (it’s pink), and goggles. feel kinda awkward at first (the shoes are heavier than i thought). and . . . feel kinda broke too. the rent was quite pricey πŸ˜₯

touch the snow down! little smile (with teeth seen) for my tiny little dream come true moment πŸ™‚ yaay \^o^/ tried to slide with the board. first slide: total mess! landed several times with butt touch the ground down before the broad itself.Β  second and several slides after: still . . . mess πŸ˜› successfully hit an old “un-guilty” grandpa too during “practice”. yeah, unforgivable sinner i am. felt badly hurts on right hand after the “accident”. however, didn’t feel cold at all though only wore stocking under the rented pants. shamelessly slide or should i say rolled over and over and over, i got exhausted and hurt (especially on the butt part) then took a short break. sit on a bench and saw people skiing and snowboarding (with board of course, not with butt like i did). the looked really cool. the clothes, the way they slide . . . and felt like being slapped so hard as i watched quite many little kids sliding smoothly. envy them 😦 and just a moment i’m about to quit the game, saw a guy in his wheelchair did skiing . . .Β  smoothly, no joke. decided to give snow-butting a couple of times again. well, the fun was still on until . . .

took a challenge from a friend to go to the very top of the “playground” and slide from there. didn’t know where i the guts to do it. not drunk for sure. well, i did pay quite much to rent the stuffs, so i thought i should give it a shot. took a pic from that top (with a silly dorky diligent pose) before sliding the hill down and . . . i began to slide. i did pray before i slide. OH MY GOD, it was freaking scary! to death! to the max! once you slide you can’t go back. no one could help you. it’s a thing you need to finish by yourself. plus, those talented kids were passing me with style. half hour passed, and i was not going down far enough. rolled over badly, this time not only the butt, but face touch the ground before the board nor any other body parts. i did wanna kiss the snow, but not in that kinda way 😦 snow was all over my body, inside the hat, the gloves, and the goggles. started to feel real cold and my body started to shiver. could this be my karma of hitting the previous old grandpa? prayed for miracles. really wanna quit the game but i couldn’t. several desperate-genius ideas came across my mind:

(1) paint huge SOS sign with blood
(2) shout “dareka, tasukete kudasaaaaaaaaaaai!” (somebody, heeeeeeeeeeeelp!)
(3) pretend to die

as i was going to think the 4th way of asking help, again . . . another talented bunch of “kids” passed me. with little pride left, i decided to slide a bit more . . . and GOD showed the way out. saw a tiny guard box, with a guard inside. a beautiful young guard came to help. asked if i’m okay. i said “are you kidding? can’t you see i’m about to die?” inside the heart, smiled and replied that i’m okay. showed my right hands and said it hurts so bad and my legs become numb (in an improper Japanese of course). couldn’t hide that i was really shocked when i showed her my hand, it was getting huge! don’t know what it’s exactly called. seriously it was scarily getting bigger. so big that you might laugh out loud if you guys saw it. wait, you might laugh hard, cos the shame hasn’t over yet.

the guard called a guy, a guy came, skiing and carrying only backpack. saw my pale freaking out to death face, and called another guy. another guy came, skiing, carrying a bed kinda stuff, put me there, wrap me in blanket. i said sorry for causing you trouble kinda thing. said that i felt so embarrassed. they replied “you don’t have to. we’ll cover all your body (face included)”. great, perfect shame for me! i asked “hey, wait, how will you bring me down?”. they smiled and answered “we’ll both carry you, skiing”. uwhaaaaaaaaat?! so i was there, inside the covered human bag and pray for life and . . . world peace πŸ˜› it was unbelievably painless smoothest slide i had that day. they’re a total pro! heard some people chuckled saying “what the hell is that sliding stuff?” heard also “kids, be careful, they’re carrying dead body”. wanted to open the cover and said “hey,Β  i’m not dead yet”, but too weak to do it 😦

arrived finally on the “safe place”. they took me to a clinic, warmed me up (not that dirty “warm” activities) it’s heater . . . and gave me an ice for my giant right hand. another (3rd) guy (this guy is a real hunk) came asking several questions. felt better already to see him ;P said thanks and quit the games for real!

arrived safely at home. took a bath before sleep. put band aids all over the butt and put “magic oil” sent by beloved mom on my no longer giant yet still big right hand, slept, and skipped school on the next day.

what a day! love the snow but not the sport. worth the pain but doesn’t worth the cost. however, experience is something priceless πŸ™‚ night everyone!

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bintang api

Taken from one of my fb notes πŸ™‚

ο»Ώthis is an apology for me to u all, since i couldn’t make a phone call during your long-time-no-see-c4-(satan

ic) “begundals”-meeting (berkedok buka puasa bersama) ;P so, here’s what happened yesterday . . . and the day before πŸ˜‰

sat, aug 29th (after 6 pm)
pulang dari baito (part time job) ngebut naik si kumbi janjian sama temen gw buat nonton kembang api. critanya malem itu ada pagelaran (halah) pesta kembang api taunan yang cukup beken di sini. abekawa hanabi (hana=kembang, bi/hi=api,abekawa itu nama tempatnya). gw bela2in bolos baito malem (dengan memperalat secara paksa temen gw buat gantiin gw) buat nonton itu kembang api, secara yah, selain emang gw suka kembang api, seumur hidup gw blon pernah liat secara live itu kembang api yang gede. paling banter gw maen kembang api (yang gw inget jenisnya aer mancur ama apa tuh yang netes2 gitu namanya ya) pas mudik puasa bareng sodara2 di rumah nenek gw di desa gw yang “termahsyur nan permai di kata orang” itu. mayan lah mengobati kangen gw akan nuansa2 puasa. ato nonton kembang api di yang di monas pas taon baru (itu juga di tipi).

anyway, setelah beli fillet-o-fish set di mc d, gw menunggu teman gw di tempat janjian itu. teman itu bernama phyo. temen sekelas gw dari myanmar. gw pikir kita cuman janjian bedua, ternyata dia membawa 3 orang teman senegaranya . . . cewe smua (o oooow, roaming deh gw). nah, jadi kita berlima bersepedaanlah menuju ke abekawa. nah, di setiap festival kembang api (yang kalo pas summer digelar dimana2) cewe2 dan cowo2 nya pada pake yukata (baju musim panas kaya kimono tapi versi yang murahnya, huahahahaha, lo tau dong gw diseleksia akut kalo mendefinisikan sesuatu). kalo kata salah seorang temen cowo gw, “cewe2 jepang itu kliatan lebih cantik kalo pake yukata, daripada kalo pake rok mini”. secara dia cowo, gw aga2 ga percaya (if u happen to read this, peace yaw dear partner in crime :P), tapi menurut gw sih iya. lebih ayu gitu kali ya (bukan ayu kamu yah lil miss sophia), kaya cewe2 indonesia kalo pake kebaya. gw engga pake yukata karna ribet banget waktu itu. mesti jalan kaki pula, ga bisa naek speda. plus, gw ada “janji” lagi abis nonton itu kembang api ;P hebatnya yah, orang2 jepun yang ber-yukata-an itu rela jalan kaki dari jarak yang mayan jauh buat ke lokasi acara (tapi mengapa wanita2 jepun yang banyak berjalan kaki itu betis nya tetep kecil2, nggak jadi “indah” kaya betis gw?).

jadi, segerombolan umat sebangsa dan setanah air jepun di shizuoka dan sekitarnya yang ber-yukata-an, berbondong2lah ke abekawa. gw juga ampe akhirnya mesti ikut jalan juga sambil nenteng si kumbi karna saking ramenya. nah pas gw nyampe di lokasi (setelah markir si kumbi dengan semena2, bukan di tempat parkiran sepeda yang baik dan benar) gw berjalan kaki bersama empat sekawan yang asik poto2 dan ngobrol roaming *sigh* sepanjang jalan menuju diluncurkan nya itu kembang api. banyak abang2 yang pada jualan makanan gitu. malesnya, makanan2 yang ada setiap ada festival jenisnya hampir slalu sama. diantaranya adalah sebagi berikut: takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakisoba, crepes juga ada, permen apel, banana choco, sosis frankfurter puanjang yang looked so tasty (karna ada babinya), ubi, jagung bakar, es serut, mashed potatoes mayonaise, dan kawan2. harganya skitaran 500 yen (50 rebu, pedih deh kalo di”translate” ke rupiah). tapi teteup aja meskipun sepanjang jalan yang jualan satu jenis makanan ada segambreng, antrian orang2 yang beli pada puanjang. kalo di indonesia mah, atmosfirnya kaya2 pensi gitu lah.

tantangan muncul pada saat mencari tempat yang ciamik untuk bisa memandang itu kembang api. ternyata tempat2 ciamik itu udah pada di-take sama orang2 dari sejak kapan tau. nah, setelah diusir sama polisi yang bertugas berkali2 karna gw berdiri di tempat yang tidak sepantasnya (untung abang polisi nya rada ganteng, jadi gw ga terlalu bete ;P), akhirnya gw memutuskan untuk berdiri di dekat opa2 yang juga berdiri di tempat yang tidak seharusnya (teteup). tapi ga diusir. either polisi itu takut kualat ngusir si opa disebelah gw, ato cape kali si polisi itu liat muka gw lagi dan lagi. haha!

sambil nge-ganyem makanan buka puasa, si fillet-o-fish, french fries, dan orange juice yang tadi gw beli (orang2 pada bingung gitu ngliatin gw kenapa gw jenis makanan nya beda sendiri, soalnya foodstand MC D kaga ada) mulailah gw menyaksikan dengan konsen (sebenernya yang bikin konsen itu makanan nya gw rasa).

nah, diluncurkanlah itu kembang2 yang berapi2.oh my, oh, my! it was breathtakingly beautiful. the finest work of fireworks i’ve ever seen direclty in my whole life. kaya ada hujan bintang di langit. lebih cocok dibilang bintang api instead of kembang api. for having the chance to see it (meskipun cuman sebelah yang bisa liat itupun mulai merabun kalo senja) i’m so grateful. sumpe deh, kereeeen . . . pengen liat lagi dan lagi πŸ™‚

okay, the suck part is that i didn’t take any picture at all. well i tried though, tapiii si kamera gw yang “super lucu nan menggemaskan” (baca: murahan dan limit mendekati rusak) itu, lowbat. berhasil gw poto satu, tapi hasilnya hitam legam. bikin naik pitam lah. kalo kata temen gw emang mesti pake kamera jenis tertentu (baca:yang mahal gitu lah) buat bisa moto kembang api. jadi “poto2” abekawa hanabi itu gw patri saja di memori otak gw yang tidak seberapa ini.

ternyata yah, kalo kata tante2 di tempat baito gw, dibandingin taon2 sbelumnya, yang gw liat kmaren itu kurang banyak yang di”tembak”in. ternyata lagi, di deket shizuoka ada lagi yang lebih akbar lagi festival kembang apinya. tapi udah lewat (damn, gw ga tau). ternyata juga lagi, kata temen gw yang pernah liat pesta kembang api di singapur (ada yang berbentuk hati gitu katanya, ooooh), yang di abekawa itu engga ada apa2 nya banget. anehnya acara itu nggak dibarengi dengan live2 performance dari band2 ato sejenisnya (haha, emang gw kurang hiburan aja pada dasarnya). emang siy, bukan pensi. dan orang2 tua yang nonton juga banyak. dan emang kembang api udah mahal. dan emang konsep acaranya begitu adanya. tapi kebayang ga si, acaranya cuman ada abang2 jualan ama kembang api selama kurang lebih 2 jam. mana mc nya engga penting pula ngomongnya. dan yang lebih janggal lagi, tiba2 di satu jam pertama acara, diputer musik samba (plus nyanyian2 mexico) ajah dong selama 5 menit. apa coba cita2 panitia nya? tapi terlepas dari smua faktor2 pembuat ilfil, i’m happy enough though πŸ™‚ the happiness is almost perfect as i couldn’t share it pretty well with u 😦

anyway, setelah membeli satu yakisoba (mie goreng) sebagai bayaran temen gw yang ngegantiin gw baito malem itu (yang stupidnya yah, ga sengaja, gw pas mo bayar yakisoba pake koin 500 rupiah ajah dong, sumpah malu abis), gw pulang lebih awal for “some” reasons πŸ™‚

sun, aug 30th (after 6 pm)
got mehong’s sms waktu gw baito. gak bisa bales karna lagi baito. abis pulang baito, kalo nelfon pake hp mahalitawati. daaan internet gw blom terpasang (karna gw abis pindah apaato untuk ketiga kalinya saja sodara2). so, typed this “lil’ stuff” for u all. hope it can at least make u smile πŸ™‚ celaan, cacian, dan makian dari kalian (baik yang di tagged maupun engga juga boleh) are so welcome πŸ˜€ lookin’ forward to hear your “meeting” stories too, temaaans! please do update me πŸ™‚

missing u all ladies (and the gentlemen and the babies too for sure)

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there you go

Especially dedicated to Gia Sista πŸ™‚

Oki doki, next updated story. Karna masi teler menghadapi ritme baru sekola-kerja-jalan2-urusan2 aneh lain nya, barulah sempet crita2 lagi. Well, uda hampir 2 bulan disini, kemampuan basa jepang gw mulai sedikit bertambah dari ancur banget jadi ancur aja.

Critanya urusan apaato udah kelar, malah minggu depan uda mo pindahan lagi aja. Nemu roomate yang seru, cewe Jerman temen sekola gw, yang sama clumsy nya dan sering nyasar juga kalo pergi2. Huahaha:D Apaato nya lebih murah, lebih luas, tapi lebih jauh dikit dari machi (pusat kota).

Urusan si keitai denwa juga kelar, karna bayarnya ga bisa dicicil gw beli yang paling murah. Si orang tokonya bilang itu hp buat nenek2 karna ada simple mode facility-nya. Well, bodo amat . . .

Part time job gw ada 2 macem. Yang satu ga boleh banyak ngomong pas kerja (dan gajinya lumayan engga cukup, tapi lumayan daripada engga ada). Yang satu lagi mesti ngomong mulu (gw juga bingung apa si orang yang nerima gw itu sadar kalo gw basa jepang gw dibawah cukupan, pas interview). Yang seru kerjaan yang kedua (gajinya lebih oke pula). Melatih listening, reading, dan pronunciation skill gw terutama. Pas briefing hari pertama kerjaan, gw sama sekali engga ngerti apa yang diomongin. Cuman bisa senyum2 doang sambil berkata “mampus pangkat dua juta gw” dalam hati saja. Kesalahan yang gw buat tak terukur parahnya . . . sampai sekarang. Oya, salah satu kerjaan part time yang oke bayaran nya disini ternyata jadi loper koran. Mesti punya SIM motor. Sejam nya 1,200 Yen/hour (kurs skarang denger2 1 Yen = 130 Rupiah). Sehari 2 jam doang. Sebulan bisa diitung dapetnya lumayan tu . . .

Pernah suatu hari, gw ditawarin kerjaan dari kepala sekola gw. Cuman sehari doang dan pas gw lagi ada waktu. Ditawarin 2 hari sebelumya, dikasi peta, disuru pake baju warna terang, dan dikasi tau, kerjaan nya jadi model buat lukisan. Oh mai god, apakah pelukisnya menganut aliran abstrak, secara muke gue abstrak abis. Oke, tibalah gw pada hari yang ditentukan. Ternyata tempatnya adalah sebuah studio bernama
Shizuoka Bijutsu Gakuin (Shizuoka Art School). Dari apaato uda ngeblow rambut keren dan penampilan prima. Di tengah jalan . . . ujan aja dong. Pas gw dateng (tampak seperti tikus piti kebasahan dikit) disuruh nunggu bentar (thank God bisa nyisir dulu) sambil liat2 studionya. Terpampanglah gambar2 seni, dari benda mati sampai benda hidup, dari yang berbaju sampai yang nggak berbaju. Kemudian, Sang Kepala sekolah yang menyambut gw (dan menyuguhkan ocha anget+permen yang bungkusnya lucu ampe ga tega mo makan) menunjukkan tempat gw bersanding. Oh tidaks, gw duduk di sebuah panggung dan dikelilingi oleh para pelukis dari berbagai aliran. Jadi gw diharuskan berpose 12 session dimana tiap session nya berlangsung selama 20 menit (ngga bole gerak sama sekali, kalo bisa mata ga kedip dan ngga napas skalian). Istirahat per session nya 5-10 menit. Uda deg2 aja dong pose nya mau kaya gimana. Apakah pose telungkup, ngangkang, mangap, ato yang aneh2 lainnya . . . Ternyata, gw disuruh pose rileks. Gigi dia gondrong. Mampus aja suru rileks di depan 20 orang selama 20 menit. Yo wis, bergaya lah gw dengan pose untuk session pertama dengan gaya: pas foto saja. Kaki dirapatkan dan kedua tangan ditaro di paha. Hahaha:D Ternyata oh ternyata, selama 12 session itu, posenya: sama. However, hasil lukisan nya sumpee kereen . . . Bayaran nya mayan oke. Bisa beli jaket baru lah buat winter;)

Setiap weekend, sebisa mungkin gw menyempatkan untuk jalan2 ke machi. Slalu ada acara seru disekitar sana. Makin malem makin rame. Semua pada jalan kaki (kalo mo bawa sepeda ga bole dikendarai, mesti didorong gitu) dan bergaya sangat maksimal. Cukup seru buat cuci2 mata.
Duh, masi banyak yang pengen di share. Lanjut lain hari yak;)

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macem2 urusan

Yak, ini “sedikit” lanjutan petualangan gw berikutnya (karna ga ada ide mo bikin topik apa). Well, sbagai pendatang berstatus pre-college student, banyak hal yang musti diurusin.

Apaato (kost)

Pertama harus punya alamat. Buat nyari apaato disini lo aga2 susah kalo ga punya kenalan. Ga bisa kaya di Indo, lo langsung datengin rumah2 trus langsung masuk hari itu juga. Ga ada papan “Terima Kost” kaya di Indo juga tentunya. Lo mesti dateng ke kantor perusahaan2 yang punya bisnis mengelola apaato. Contohnya pengelola gw nama perusahaan nya “Mini Mini Apaato” (engga banget gitu namanya). Berhubung gw dibantuin temen dan salah seorang sensei di sekolaan gw, sebelon gw dateng udah dapet apaato nya. Makin deket eki (stasuin kereta) makin mahal lah yachin (uang sewa/kost). Pertama kali mo nge-kost, selain uang bulanan yang mesti lo bayar, ada juga yang namanya uang jaminan / deposit (dibalikin kalo lo pindah), pajak, asuransi, processing fee, dkk. Nah itu besarnya macem2. In case lo mo pindah, lo mesti ngomong satu bulan sebelumnya. Ga bisa ngedadak besok mo pindah, lo langsung dapet uang jaminan nya lagi. Itu pun dengan alasan yang oke (trutama untuk yang cuman ngekos beberapa bulan uda pengen pindah) dan dengan syarat kondisi apaato musti bersih seprti sedia kala. Waktu gw pertama kali dateng, gw kaget juga. Kosong sih ga da apa2 . . . tapi bersih banget! Apaato gw ada 1 kamar mandi, ac, tempat nyuci piring dan kompor gas. Sebagai orang udik, menurut gw kamar gw cukup keren:) Alamat ini musti diapalin, dalam huruf kanji pastinya. Mampus, lah πŸ˜₯ Pertama kali lo dateng lo dikasi macem2 brosur (yang ga gw ngerti satupun karna mostly ditulis pake kanji), salah satu yang paling penting adalah tentang cara buang sampah. Tapi i’ll tell you bout this thing later, yak;) Cukup “lucu” juga soalnya.

Nah, listrik dan gas diurus terpisah (which lo mesti bayar lagi tiap bulannya). Pas harinya lo mau pindah banget ni, perusahan pengelola apaato itu akan menelfon perusahaan listrik untuk menyalurkan listrik ke apaato lo. Tapi kalo untuk gas, lo mesti nelfon ke perusahaan gas dan nanti dia akan dateng ke apaato lo. Jadi ga ada tuh tabung gas di setiap rumah. Pas waktu petugas perusahaan gas dateng ke tempat gw, gw deg2an dong dia mo ngomong apaan. Gw disuru ngisi nama & alamat (pertama kalinya gw nulis alamat pake kanji, lama gitu nulisnya) Dengan tampang sotoy, gw bilang “hai, hai” (iya, iya) sama “soo kaaa” (oooo, gitu) ajah, pas doi nerangin. Kalo pas gw ga ngerti dia akan memperagakan dengan bahasa tubuh. Akhirnya gw bisa mandi sekaligus minum aer anget. Huahahahaha:D

Hanko (cap)

Disini tanda tangan itu ga pake corat coretan bolpen gitu. Lo mesti bikin hanko yang bertuliskan nama lo. Bentuknya macem2. Kalo nama orang asing (yang namanya ditulis pake katakana bukan kanji), buatlah se-simple mungkin. Ga usah selengkap lengkapnya ampe nama akte lo dipake. Selain makin mahal ntar bikin nya, pas nge-cap juga ga bikin boros space di kertas, ampe nutupin tulisan2 laen nya.

Jitensha (sepeda)

Nah, ini neh another taisetsuna koto (benda penting) di sini. Semiskin2 nya elo, disini kudu deh punya sepeda. Praktis banget soalnya. Pas beli sepeda lo akan dikasih sticker (wajib punya dan ditempel di sepeda) dan selembaran note kecil, dimana nama & alamat (makanya lo mesti punya alamat) lo tercantum. Sepintas ni kertas kaya nota gitu, tapi booo, ternyata itu adalah semacam STNK a.k.a. surat keterangan kepemilikan sepeda. Setiap mo pergi kemana2 lo mesti bawa tu surat tipis yang tampak kurang meyakinkan sebagai sebuah STNK. Kalo pas kena razia polisi dan lo ga punya surat itu, selamet mampus deh. Disangka speda curian gitu.

Gaikokujin Torokushoo (KTP orang asing)

Intinya si, kartu identitas lo gitu lah. Jadi kmana2 mesti dibawa dan ga perlu bawa2 paspor lagi kmana2. Di setiap daerah, (kalo di Indo kurang lebih kaya Kelurahan gitu lah) ada Kuyakusho (nama kantor buat ngurusin si Gaikokujin Torokushoo ini). Tergantung alamat lo. Karna gw ditemenin temen gw buat ngurusin, jadi gw cuman nyengir2 kuda doang disana. Ga ngerti petugas ngomong apa, sperti biasaa . . . Proses pembuatan nya sekitar 3 minggu. Selama belon kelar, ntar dikasi yang KTP sementara gitu, segede A4. Karna gw parno, ga ngerti sebagian (besar) kertas2 yang dikasi, awal2 gw bawa segambreng kertas2 itu (including bon2 belanjaan juga) kmana2.

Kouza (Rekening Bank)

Abis punya KTP (walopun sementara), baru deh lo bisa bikin rekening bank. Waktu mo buka rekening gw pergi sendiri, karna temen gw musti arubaito (kerja part time). Oh, no! Setelah memastikan tempat bank itu berada (karna deket skola, jadi gw cukup yakin ga nyasar), pergilah gw ke bank. Detengah perjalanan gw menjadi kurang yakin apakah arah yang gw tuju benar. Jadi bertanyalah gw pada salah seorang wanita muda. Ternyata bank nya ada persis di sebrang tempat gw bertanya. Well, at least ga nyasar;)

Disono, gw pergi ke arah orang duduk di bagian yang tampak seperti customer service. Trus gw bilang aja gw baru, mo bikin rekening. Trus dengan ramahnya dia meng-guide gw (alhamdulillah, ternyata bener customer service si die). Overall, prosesnya ga ribet (kecuali bagian nulis alamat pake kanji). Trus terakhir gw disuruh milih cover buku tabungan dan kartu ATM nya. Ada beberapa desain. Desain dewasa (bergambar bunga) dan desain ga dewasa (berwarna kuning dan bergambar 2 tokoh kartun yang bertampang bodoh). Secara gw adalah orang yang berpandangan maju, tentunya gw memilih desain . . . ga dewasa \^o^/’

Arubaito (kerja part time)

Untuk menunjang gaya hidup yang pas2an ini, gw mesti nguli. Surat2 yang diperluin adalah Gaikokujin Torokushoo, Kouza, dan Surat Keterangan dari Imigrasi kalo lo punya ijin untuk arubaito ini. Arubaito yang legal adalah 4 jam/ hari. Meskipun kenyataan berkata lain:) Waktu gw ngurus ke Imigrasi, gw sempet ke toiletnya sona. Boooooo, pas mo nge-flush, ada 8 macam tombol aja yang bisa lo pilih. Gw ampe lama diem disana. Setalah mencoba semua tombol, barulah gw puas tu kluar dari wc. Haha!

Pihak sekolaan punya beberapa list arubaito yang bisa dipilih. Tadi gw pergi ke tempat calon kerjaan gw (gw milih yang deket dengan skola), abis interview. Bukan kerjaan yang keren, tapi gajinya bisa buat makan dan bayar apaato lah tiap bulan. Gw diajakin keliling tempat kerja ama si orang sono nya. Minggu depan dah mulai kerja.

Keitai denwa (handphone)

Baru mo beli besok, itu juga kalo bisa dicicil bayarnya. Super muahal soalnya . . . ternyata

That’s all for now. Foto2nya nyusul yaaa ;Da

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