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dedicating another silly story of mine for my badly missed people. so, i’ve always been wanting to try to climb this mountain since . . . last month *well, last year actually* πŸ˜› it’s that legendary top icon of Japan. Japan’s highest and most prominent mountain: FUJI-SAN aka MOUNT FUJI. thought to do it 2 weeks ago, but for some reasons i had to cancel it. got unexpected climbing invitation from a friend, and excitedly accepted it.

borrowed so many climbing stuffs from friends (well, i did contribute something for myself: tiny lil guts :P) and ready to beat that mountain. so, it was the four of us. me, my friend, and another two friends. off from shizuoka around 3 am by car. the mountain is divided into ten stations with the first station at the foot of the mountain and the tenth station being the summit. well, the plan was to put the car at 5th station, from where most people start their ascent. however, due to this catastrophic traffic (soo many cars were lining up to 5th station). we put the car in around 7km before 5th station. let’s picture this:

– my friend: a super sporty girl, regularly exercises in the gym

– another two friends: active young guys, holding records of 5 times climbing FUJI-SAN (it was their 6th times!)

– me: last sport i did was fencing, on my college years, 1st year! almost like 10 years ago

see how extensive the physical condition contrast among us? so, i was thinking: great, maybe i can only make it till 5th station. or even faint at the 4th station. so, we start walking to 5th sation. somehow, we made it *we = me included* took a short break. we could see the peak and seemed near and reacheable, but hey, we could also see the sun and it’s not near at all. remembering my motivation to reach the peak: to give birthday greeting for a dear friend andΒ  . . . well i just wanna know how it looks like up there.

so, took a pee (toilet still free at 5th station :P), put lotsa 50 spf sunblock, hat, gloves, sunglass, and continuing mission. it was a bright sunny day, hot like hell, but scenery along the way up was clearely viewed. soo many people were there. kids, elderly, hot hunks self-climbers (what a waste, need a companion, handsome? huahahahaha :D), some also climbs in style!

– 6th station: saw some vending machine there. drink like crazy. ankle hurts

– 7th station: okay, that’s it! enough is enough! until . . . i saw this old lady (around 70 years old or older perhaps), alone, going down, passed me by. fine! i’ll try a bit more

– 8th station: okay, i definitely will stop now. altitude sickness is on. inhaling oxygen-in-a-can like crazy. doesn’t seem really workin’ though. shoot! until . . . i saw this cute lil girl (around at her 1st year elementary) climbing up, laughing and looks happy. fine! i’ll try a tiny little bit more

– 9th station: ankle numb, dying, crying outloud inside . . . but it’s one more station to go

– 9.5th station: uncle f*cker! NINE and HALF?! what’s with the HALF?! continue climbing while swearing by heart

– 10 station: alive and speechless . . . can’t think of any

and just when i thought it’s really really the peak, a guy told us that the real peak is “right there” around 30 minutes to go. uwhaaaat?! it’s not the real peak. why on earth is *** ooh, tooo tired to swear even by heart.

well, i went there okay! the real peak of the peak. aaaand . . . the view was so breathtaking πŸ™‚ it is rewarding.

but it was not over yet of course. i had to go down. noooooo! lookin’ around if there’s an airplane or helicopter that’ll give me a ride? or para glide renting, perhaps? pretend dying so that some (brave-good looking) paramedic team will come and rescue me (like in my snowbutt experience case)? or should i dig my own grave and burried my self there? or just jumped out in that beautifull blue sky? well, since if i die i couldn’t share this story to you, i gotta stay alive a little longer ^^v

miracle do happen. arrived alive at where we started. reached home at 9 pm. took a shower, eat wildly like a camel (i don’t care if camel’s not a wild animal, allright). and sleep by holding severe pain all over my body and soul.

i never thought i made it. woke up early on the next day, pinched my feet, and scream cos it still freaking hurts, and realized that it is not a dream. it’s officially become one of my lifelong memories πŸ™‚

as the Japanese say, a wise man climbs Fuji once, and a fool twice. well, since i am fool enough, we’ll see will i do it again next year πŸ˜›


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