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so, there’s always the first time. and this is the story of my first snow. that day . . . this “historical” thing happened. went to a place named hakuba in nagano. dying excited to experience my very first snow. took a bus, wellย  a tour bus. saw the snow already along the way, and it was breathtakingly beautiful (snow felled quite heavy on previous night). better view than i’ve ever imagined.

after 5 hours endless waiting, finally arrived on this ski and snowboard “playground”. mindless yet bravely confidence to choose snowboarding. rent the clothes, shoes, board (it’s pink), and goggles. feel kinda awkward at first (the shoes are heavier than i thought). and . . . feel kinda broke too. the rent was quite pricey ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

touch the snow down! little smile (with teeth seen) for my tiny little dream come true moment ๐Ÿ™‚ yaay \^o^/ tried to slide with the board. first slide: total mess! landed several times with butt touch the ground down before the broad itself.ย  second and several slides after: still . . . mess ๐Ÿ˜› successfully hit an old “un-guilty” grandpa too during “practice”. yeah, unforgivable sinner i am. felt badly hurts on right hand after the “accident”. however, didn’t feel cold at all though only wore stocking under the rented pants. shamelessly slide or should i say rolled over and over and over, i got exhausted and hurt (especially on the butt part) then took a short break. sit on a bench and saw people skiing and snowboarding (with board of course, not with butt like i did). the looked really cool. the clothes, the way they slide . . . and felt like being slapped so hard as i watched quite many little kids sliding smoothly. envy them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and just a moment i’m about to quit the game, saw a guy in his wheelchair did skiing . . .ย  smoothly, no joke. decided to give snow-butting a couple of times again. well, the fun was still on until . . .

took a challenge from a friend to go to the very top of the “playground” and slide from there. didn’t know where i the guts to do it. not drunk for sure. well, i did pay quite much to rent the stuffs, so i thought i should give it a shot. took a pic from that top (with a silly dorky diligent pose) before sliding the hill down and . . . i began to slide. i did pray before i slide. OH MY GOD, it was freaking scary! to death! to the max! once you slide you can’t go back. no one could help you. it’s a thing you need to finish by yourself. plus, those talented kids were passing me with style. half hour passed, and i was not going down far enough. rolled over badly, this time not only the butt, but face touch the ground before the board nor any other body parts. i did wanna kiss the snow, but not in that kinda way ๐Ÿ˜ฆ snow was all over my body, inside the hat, the gloves, and the goggles. started to feel real cold and my body started to shiver. could this be my karma of hitting the previous old grandpa? prayed for miracles. really wanna quit the game but i couldn’t. several desperate-genius ideas came across my mind:

(1) paint huge SOS sign with blood
(2) shout “dareka, tasukete kudasaaaaaaaaaaai!” (somebody, heeeeeeeeeeeelp!)
(3) pretend to die

as i was going to think the 4th way of asking help, again . . . another talented bunch of “kids” passed me. with little pride left, i decided to slide a bit more . . . and GOD showed the way out. saw a tiny guard box, with a guard inside. a beautiful young guard came to help. asked if i’m okay. i said “are you kidding? can’t you see i’m about to die?” inside the heart, smiled and replied that i’m okay. showed my right hands and said it hurts so bad and my legs become numb (in an improper Japanese of course). couldn’t hide that i was really shocked when i showed her my hand, it was getting huge! don’t know what it’s exactly called. seriously it was scarily getting bigger. so big that you might laugh out loud if you guys saw it. wait, you might laugh hard, cos the shame hasn’t over yet.

the guard called a guy, a guy came, skiing and carrying only backpack. saw my pale freaking out to death face, and called another guy. another guy came, skiing, carrying a bed kinda stuff, put me there, wrap me in blanket. i said sorry for causing you trouble kinda thing. said that i felt so embarrassed. they replied “you don’t have to. we’ll cover all your body (face included)”. great, perfect shame for me! i asked “hey, wait, how will you bring me down?”. they smiled and answered “we’ll both carry you, skiing”. uwhaaaaaaaaat?! so i was there, inside the covered human bag and pray for life and . . . world peace ๐Ÿ˜› it was unbelievably painless smoothest slide i had that day. they’re a total pro! heard some people chuckled saying “what the hell is that sliding stuff?” heard also “kids, be careful, they’re carrying dead body”. wanted to open the cover and said “hey,ย  i’m not dead yet”, but too weak to do it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

arrived finally on the “safe place”. they took me to a clinic, warmed me up (not that dirty “warm” activities) it’s heater . . . and gave me an ice for my giant right hand. another (3rd) guy (this guy is a real hunk) came asking several questions. felt better already to see him ;P said thanks and quit the games for real!

arrived safely at home. took a bath before sleep. put band aids all over the butt and put “magic oil” sent by beloved mom on my no longer giant yet still big right hand, slept, and skipped school on the next day.

what a day! love the snow but not the sport. worth the pain but doesn’t worth the cost. however, experience is something priceless ๐Ÿ™‚ night everyone!


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